Pediatric Occupational Therapy Modesto CA

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Modesto CA

Parents seeking options for pediatric occupational therapy in Modesto CA will feel right at home at the Therapeutic Playground. Our organization is created and staffed by professionals with backgrounds in occupational therapy, Special Education, behavioral therapy, and more. At our facility, you’ll find a sensory gym packed with activities for inquisitive minds and exploratory souls. Additionally, you can meet with an occupational therapist for children to discuss our services and determine a unique plan for your child.

Giving Your Child a Head Start

We use pediatric occupational therapy at our Modesto facility to work with children and help them improve fine and gross motor skills. Through a series of coordinated activities, games, and time in the sensory gym, we help students improve their skills in:

Many activities are designed to help children improve muscle strength and coordination, as well as helping identify underlying issues that may be causing problems, such as Sensory Processing Disorder, autism spectrum disorder, or learning disabilities. Many of our clients come to us with an incomplete idea as to what’s causing challenges in their children’s development. Once those issues have been properly identified, we can build an individualized program to help a child strengthen weak areas and improve necessary skills for an integration program and general life.

Working with an occupational therapist for children offers countless benefits. Our support services vary in order to best meet our clients’ needs, from social and behavioral support to Bal-A-Vis-X (BAVX) exercises of varying levels based on a child’s development, age, and skill. Furthermore, we’ve also begun offering training sessions for parents who are looking for support on how to best advocate for their child.

Do you have questions? We’d love to answer them! We offer pediatric occupational therapy by appointment at our Modesto sensory gym, so please call 209-416-4000 to speak with a representative or fill out our online form. Open play days for the sensory gym are also available on our schedule.