Our Services

At Therapeutic Playground, we recognize the need to balance social, sensory and behavioral needs. We also realize that each client is unique and must be assessed on an individual basis.  Looking for a service that you don’t see listed? Contact us to discuss. 


Occupational THerapy

Using Occupational Therapy, we work with our clients to improve both fine motor skills and gross motor skills, specifically:

- Improve muscle strength and coordination
- Bilateral Coordination
- Improve balance
- Improve handwriting, scissor skills, coloring (Handwriting Without Tears)
- Improve sensory processing and others
- Learning Disabilities
- Autism Spectrum
- Improve visual motor skills
- Identify and address underlying issues


A series of Balance/Auditory/ Vision exercises of varied complexity, most of which are deeply rooted in rhythm which require full-body coordination and focused attention

Who can benefit from BAVX?  Really everyone can benefit from BAVX but it is very helpful for:

- Learning Challenged
- Gifted/Talented
- Auditory and Visually Challenged
- Athletes 

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