Therapeutic Playground Now Accepting New Insurance Plans

This week, we’re excited to announce that we are now accepting several new insurance plans here at Therapeutic Playground. We now accept the following insurances:

Currently, we are working to expand this list. In the meantime, if you are on any of the aforementioned plans, please contact us today to set up a consultation and figure out coverage for our services.

Therapeutic Playground is a customized sensory gym created and run by occupational therapists, special education teachers, and individuals passionate about building a service to support local children. We partner locally with parents, teachers, pediatricians, physical and speech therapists, resource specialists and more to create an individualized and supportive experience for our clients.

Our clients range from young children up to adults who need assistance in developing specific skills and learning socialization in a professionally-staffed, sensory-friendly environment. Many of the children in our program have autism, learning disabilities or challenges, developmental disabilities, sensory processing issues, gross or fine motor issues, ADD/ADHD, behavioral issues, or auditory and vision challenges. We invited parents and individuals to reach out for a consultation to discuss unique needs and come up with a program that will be a good fit.

Our programs include playtime or games in the sensory gym, which includes swings, a zip line, a slide, climbing walls, soft floors, and much more to keep children enriched and entertained. We also hold social skills groups where children can practice executive functioning with their peers. BAL-A-VIS-X (Balance/Auditory/Vision) exercises are also available to any children who may benefit from them, from young athletes to those with auditory or visual disabilities who need to practice skills in a safe environment.

Insurance coverage from the plans mentioned above can be used to cover occupational therapy, as well as other types of services. Please consult your individual plan to learn about what’s covered and which programs would be right for you or your child. We are always happy to speak with clients and determine plans that will work with a variety of budgets. Being able to accept insurance is a big step forward in our goal of providing support to our community and we look forward to serving more clients in the future! Contact us here to discuss your child’s needs.

Britta Foster