The Benefits of Parachute Play

Every activity we do at Therapeutic Playground serves multiple purposes, and they’re always a ton of fun. First and foremost, we want to promote an environment of enjoyment for all of the children present, and that often means seeking out activities that kids with varying ability levels can enjoy with the same enthusiasm. Parachute play is an excellent option in this case.

The most important thing about this activity is that it is so much fun. Beyond that, it’s a great way to promote teamwork and practice social skills, and it offers lots of health benefits, too. You’ve probably seen parachute play in some form or another, or even participated in it yourself. A large parachute is laid flat on the floor and the participants stand around it in a circle. Everyone grabs ahold of the parachute and works together to use it for various activities, like bouncing small objects on top, lifting it up and running underneath, or walking around it like a merry-go-round. The cloth is light and easy to work with, yet offers enough resistance that it’s excellent for strengthening the upper torso.

This form of play encourages a variety of different skills. By coordinating the parachute together, kids learn about cooperative play and communication, along with taking turns and learning to follow instructions. Repetitive motion and using songs helps with developing a sense of rhythm, which in turn can help with cognitive process. Visual perception is strengthened and challenged, allowing participants to improve their ability to process and mentally organize visual information. Working with peers is an excellent way to encourage socialization and language development, and the non-competitive nature of the game leads to a healthy level of involvement without anyone being left behind.

Some of the parachute games we may participate in during playtime include “making waves” with the parachute, merry-go-round, practice lifts, ball roll, and song singing. We make it a point to work closely with each of our clients to find a unique therapeutic routine that works for them and their individual needs, whether those needs are sensory, physical, social, or emotional. Parachute play is only one spoke in our creative play wheel and we’re happy to discuss other activities with you. We work with children in both individual and team environments depending on their interests and needs. Our therapeutic playground offers a custom sensory gym with climbing walls, a zipline, swings, a slide, and much more. It’s a hit with kids of all ages!

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Britta Foster