Is Your Child Facing Back to School Struggles?

It’s that time of year! As the weather – eventually – turns a bit cooler and the kids head back to school, you may notice your child is encountering difficulties. During the summertime with family vacations and other activities, certain obstacles may not have come up. Now that school has started again, is your child struggling in any of these areas?

  • Handwriting - grip, legibility, etc.

  • Using scissors or other tools

  • Coloring - grip, coordination, etc. 

  • Socially - making friends 

If you’re noticing your child struggling with any of these tasks, Therapeutic Playground can help. Our experienced team works with kids individually and in groups to assist them in learning skills to be successful. Read about our services to see what we currently offer. We work with clients of all abilities including those with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and those on the Autism spectrum. We provide a fun and safe space for children to improve their kinetic and visual motor skills, sensory processing, tool-using abilities, balance, coordination, social skills, and more.

At Therapeutic Playground our primary goal is to walk alongside our clients on their journey. We know how hard it can be if your child is facing struggles and we want you and your child to know that you are not alone. We have a few foundational values that we live by:

  1. Every client is unique

  2. Listen first

  3. A team approach is best

  4. Always have fun

  5. If we can’t help, try our best to find someone who can

Each client is different so we don’t have a one-size fits all mentality. Instead, we will work with you to determine your child’s individual needs. How can we help you? Fill out this form and we will call to discuss your child’s needs.

We also now take insurance! We work with the following healthcare providers: Health Plan of San Joaquin, Blue Shield of California,  American Specialty Health, Health Net. If you have questions about insurance, please contact us to set up a consultation to discuss coverage for our services.

Britta Foster