Social Skills Groups for Kids

Every child is unique, and that includes the way they develop social skills and interact with others. Certain challenges including autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, sensory processing issues, fine and gross motor challenges, auditory challenges, and visual challenges may require additional focus and specialized support. By taking these needs into account, it's possible to build a program that works with a child to guide them in building social skills, rather than attempting to force them into a mold.

Social skills groups are the perfect place for kids to routinely practice interacting with their peers, as well as increasing their executive functioning skills. With a combination of exercises and the backing of a diverse team of therapists and teachers, every individual child can be assessed and given their own curriculum with unique goals. Parental involvement and input is absolutely welcomed and encouraged.

For kids dealing with social or behavioral issues, practicing interaction with their peers along with gentle correction from a trained adult can greatly improve their social skill levels. Social skills groups include activities to help children practice emotional regulation, as well as routine greetings, how to make and keep friends, and getting out of "rock" brain. "Rock" brain is a visual metaphor used to personalize the problem of getting stuck on one's own ideas, which can make it difficult to remain socially aware and interactive. With guidance and practice, kids can learn to mitigate this "rock" brain and interact well with the people around them.

By playing games and just having fun together social skills groups offer participants the chance to practice taking turns and appropriate body and social language. By giving children the tools they need to understand how to make a friend and be a friend, we equip them with lifelong skills they can practice in a safe and understanding space.

At Therapeutic Playground, we offer a wide range of sensory and play activities designed to aid children in a range of skills, including socialization. This winter we will kick-off Social Skills groups that meet twice a month on Monday evenings from 3:30pm-5pm and are designed for children in kindergarten through sixth grade. Children will be paired up and grouped with other kids of similar age and development. The groups are held at our custom-built sensory gym, offering an ideal environment for enriching play and cooperation.

If you have any questions or would like to hold a spot for your child in our next program, please reach out to us for a form. Spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis, and once we receive your request to hold a spot, we'll follow up with a more in-depth intake form. Our team has more than 25+ years of combined experience in occupational therapy and special education, and we would love to speak with you about your child's needs.