Play with Purpose on Our Sensory Motor Gym

When we first started dreaming about the idea of opening Therapeutic Playground we knew helping kids with their sensory skills and social skills would be a focus for our team.  That is why we were so excited to start designing our custom built sensory gym.

Complete with swings, a slide, two zip lines, multiple climbing walls and even monkey bars, our gym is a child’s (and adult’s) paradise!  While at first glance it might look like a typical playground set, in fact everything about this structured environment is designed thoughtfully and with the intent of helping kids develop their sensory, communication and motor skills while also improving self-esteem and social skills.

The sensory gym at The Playground was custom build and designed specifically for our space, and we love the smiles that it brings to kids’ faces the second they walk through our front door. Sensory input can be a game changer for kids, and we love that they can get this much-needed input by running, jumping, swinging and playing on our gym. The kids think they are just playing but we know there is much more happening. They are working on skills like gross motor planning as they climb through the structure, slide down the slide, navigate a rock wall or push across on one of the zip lines. At the same time, they are getting awesome sensory input from these activities and vestibular input from things like swinging. We even have net swings that kids can climb into and feel pressure input.

At the same time, there are great social and communication skills that can be practiced on the sensory gym. Taking turns using the slide is a lesson in patience and communication. This is also a great way to improve a child’s impulse control.  Sharing the swings and working together on our larger disk swing can build team work and improve communication skills.

We love that our gym is so much fun for kids and that parents can relax in knowing that they are playing with purpose.  We also know that the gym was built with the highest safety standards in mind. After all, we chose to partner with Fun Factory, the leader in building sensory motor gyms, because of their experience, their quality and, more than anything, their unwavering commitment to improving the lives of children.

At the end of the day our sensory gym offers a fun environment that kids will enjoy and a place where they can build confidence that then transfers to their everyday activities. If you can’t make it to our playground look for one close to you and take your child there. They can receive some of the same benefits by getting outside and running, playing, swinging and sliding - even at your local park.