Behavioral Therapy Modesto CA

Behavioral Therapy Modesto CA

Behavioral therapy can have a major impact for students in Modesto CA as they’re entering school, whether in a Special Education program or an Inclusion Program, and the team at Therapeutic Playground exists to support them through that transition. For many children, integrating into general education or a similar school environment comes with unique challenges, especially if they need additional help developing social and behavioral skills. Our Child Behavior Support programs are specifically designed by occupational therapist, Special Education specialists, and behavioral therapists to offer children and parents the help they need.

There are many disabilities and challenges that require additional behavior support.

This is completely normal and our team is invested on creating a welcoming, accommodating environment where children can explore the intricacies of social interaction so they can hone those skills in preparation for school. Our team members will meet with children and parents for an initial assessment to determine which types of child behavior support will be best suited for each individual. Some children may benefit more from one-on-one sessions while others may be ready for an appropriate inclusion or behavioral group setting. Our behavioral therapy support at our Modesto location may include everything from identifying necessary accommodation to practicing behavioral strategies for the classroom to improving focus and attention. We work with students with:

  • Autism


  • Visual and auditory disabilities

  • Behavioral issues

  • And much more

Behavioral skills learned through Therapeutic Playground can be used in both the classroom and in general life. Socialization is a skill, and it’s one we’re proud to aid children in developing. By working with our team, students will strengthen their ability to better access and identify their emotions, learn about accepted behavior in the classroom, and how to work and play well with their peers.

We’re always happy to meet with parents or guardians to discuss our available programs. To meet with us regarding behavioral therapy at our Modesto facility and sensory gym, please contact us via online for or call 209-416-4000 to make an appointment. Our hours vary depending on appointment schedule, so we encourage you to call ahead. We can’t wait to meet you!