What does Bal-A-Vis-X stand for? It stands for Balance, Auditory, and Vision Exercises. This terminology is used most often to describe exercises that use rhythm and focused attention to help participants improve a variety of skills. It was originally coined by Bill Hubert, an educator and martial arts instructor who found that these exercises helped children improve coordination and learn focus. Bal-A-Vis-X is also known as BAVX or Balavis. Parents looking for classes teaching Bal a Vis X exercises in Modesto CA will find plenty of opportunities available at Therapeutic Playground.

What are the benefits of Bal-A-Vis-X?

BAVX teaches focused attention, cooperation, self-challenges, and peer teaching. Students work together to perform the exercises and improve full-body coordination and focus.

What are some typical Bal a Vis X exercises?

At our Modesto facility, we use bags filled with sand, racquetballs, and a balance board in our exercises. Specific movement might involve:

  • Bouncing balls

  • Tossing bags

  • Balancing on the board

As children’s skills improve, their exercises will incorporate more coordinated movement, such as simultaneously bouncing two balls or focusing on multiple tasks.

Who can do Bal-A-Vis-X?

Everyone! These exercises are perfect for children of all ages and skill levels, including athletes and children in gifted and talented programs. However, some children find BAVX especially beneficial. The exercises are especially helpful for kids with learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, and auditory or visual challenges. A large part of the exercise involves improving eye-hand coordination, improving balance, focusing on specific tasks and objects, and following verbal instructions. It can help a great deal with ocular motility (tracking objects with the eye) and visual perception.

Do you have other questions about the BAVX classes available at our sensory gym? We’re happy to answer! You can reach us at 209-416-4000 or via our online form to set up an appointment or assessment for your child. In addition to our BAVX services, we also offer one-on-one or group services for occupational therapy, social and behavioral support, handwriting without tears, and much more. Every program is uniquely tailored to a client’s specific needs.