About Us


It all started with a great team...

Therapeutic Playground was founded by a diverse team with unique backgrounds - an Occupational Therapist with extensive experience working in local school districts, a trained Special Education-Speech-Audiology Educator specializing in resource and inclusion classrooms, an Educator with 19 years of experience in Special Education and a Marketer committed to bringing services to local kids thanks to her youngest daughter’s journey.  Despite our distinct back grounds, we found ourselves brought together by a shared vision, a vision that our community needed more services and that together, thanks to our own personal journeys we could figure out a way to bring a place like Therapeutic Playground to life!

Every day we partner with parents, teachers, pediatricians, resource specialists, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and, of course, our clients to help solve whatever issues they are facing. When you come to Therapeutic Playground our team of professionals brings decades of experience to the table. We see every client as an individual and we will work with you to help figure out whatever issue you are facing.  There is nothing worse than feeling alone or hopeless.  Our primary goal is always to come alongside our clients to help you first determine what is going on so that together we can figure out who or what can help - whether we provide the service or not! 

- Every client is unique
- Listen first
- A team approach is best
- Always have fun
- If we can’t help, try our best to find someone who can